Born Again

New Novel by Joe Gallagher

Follow John Jacob’s struggle to understand his past life as Daniel Schmidt, a very different man than John is now.

John struggles first internally, but things gradually begin to spiral externally for him at work and worse.

As his world crumples around him, his gift slowly allows him to see secrets not just in himself, but also in others and, finally in everything we know and understand.

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About Joe Gallagher

Joe Gallagher lives in Mount Airy, MD with Dena and two of his
kids, Ryan and Lilli. His eldest child, Andrew, is a college graduate and has started his own life journey. In addition to his writing, Joe is an active member of various communities that keep him busy.

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Born Again poses provocative questions regarding reincarnation and tries to answer them in an interesting and novel way.  The book provides vivid characterizations and exciting plot twists, and as a reader I was engaged throughout the book and left wanting more.

The characters are believable and fully developed both in their past and current incarnations.  I especially found the main character the character of the mother compelling.  The way their stories are woven against the backdrop of history is fascinating and well done.  It made me look at what might happen in the afterlife in a different way.  I look forward to reading more by this author.

– Lauren McElduff

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