About Joe

About Joe Gallagher

Writing — fiction and poetry — has always been a part of Joe Gallagher’s life. His  first poem took shape at age 13. In his first semester in high school, he received an “F” on a poetry assignment because the teacher refused to believe he had written it. 

A child of modest means in Baltimore, when his parents then divorced when he was 15, he lived in his own apartment. Because of this independence, he saw and experienced much, not all of it good. However, this helped him understand people in ways not known otherwise. 

The hustle really started in college. He went from working two jobs while going to college full time to finding temp work in finance. Within a year, the temp work evolved into an entry level job in the brokerage industry. 

By the age of thirty five, Joe became successful enough to launch his own brokerage. Besides writing, he has run a Tough Mudder, multiple triathlons and also completed his blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do, coached soccer, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse, basketball and football. 

Being able to work from home provides him with a life he loves and lets him tell some of the stories he’s carried internally for decades. 

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