Unleash epic stories, unforgettable laughs, and a hint of strategy!

Remember that time you and your friends crushed game night? But what if you could do more than just win?

Here’s the Deal is a strategic game that unlocks stories from your friends’ pasts.

Discover who saved a stranger’s life, stood up to a bully, or even broke an arm on the slopes as a kid!

Go beyond the competition and build unforgettable memories with every game. Here’s the Deal – Where Strategy Meets Laughter and Lifelong Stories Unfold.


For 2 – 4 players

Ages 12+

Time 30 – 60 minutes

Go beyond winning. Forge connections. Here’s the Deal isn’t just about who comes out on top. It’s about unlocking hilarious stories and unexpected revelations from your fellow players.


how to play

To win the game, you need to be the player who is the first to succeed. If a player fills all seven categories, then all remaining players get one last turn. If no other player completes their seven categories, then the player with the seven completed categories wins the game. If no one completes seven categories, then player with the highest number of completed categories wins the game.

Each player receives one of the bigger cards labeled: Work, Me Time, Family, Travel, Charity, Health and Love.

Place them in order of importance, the left being the most important and the right being the least.

Everyone can share what motivated them to organize their cards.

Shuffle the remaining smaller cards (the Life & Global cards). Each player receives 7 cards from the draw pile. Place the remaining cards where everyone can reach and keep a space for a discard pile.

Look at the playable age listed on the top of your cards. Unless you have a global (gold) card that allows you to do something different, then you can only play the cards suitable to your age on the age indicator. If you want to force someone to play a card, they need to be in the playable range on that card.

Picking your starting age is a strategic decision. Life cards are age-specific, so your starting age is important. As you consider the cards you pulled, decide your starting age. Remember: the goal is to fill all seven categories first and before you reach age 100.

Once you reach age 100, you can no longer play cards or have cards played on you. While choosing your age, it is important to remember that you age at the end of your turn. The older you are, the faster you age. (See aging tables on the back of Dial-An-Age.)

Once you decide your age, adjust your life counter and indicate it to everyone else.


thank you for playing!

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